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Based out of

Hey Ms. Bartender is a Licensed and Insured Bartending Service Based out of Dallas/Ft Worth, that services DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas of Texas within a certain radius.

WHat we provide

Hey Ms. Bartender can provide Bar Service Packages, TABC Licensed Staff, & Rentals for any and every occasion. Packages can be with or without alcohol provided. Other items such as Champagne Walls, Margarita Machines, Backdrop Rentals & more can be added to service to create a more lavish experience.


To officially reserve services, there is a requirement of a partial deposit and signed contract. For events that are the same week, full payment will be required.


Package Options, Reliable Staff, & Insured Services are just the tip of the ice cube! For us, it’s not just about showing up the day of to serve expertly mixed drinks with a smile. We provide top shelf assistance from start to finish that will keep you and your guests coming back for more! To simplify the process, Hey Ms. Bartender can also curate menu options and provide a shopping list if needed. 

Licensing & Permit

Hey Ms. Bartender offers TABC Licensed staff to serve alcohol in the state of Texas. We have the Liability Insurance Coverage that most venues now require. In addition, Hey Ms. Bartender has a Permit issued by the State of Texas to provide and sell alcohol. We provide services for both open bar occasions where host (client) purchases alcohol as well as Hosted, Cash, or Consumption Bars where we supply the alcohol.

Pricing & Process

Inquires must be submitted for pricing.

Step 1: Click on “customize package” to inquire & customize your package!

Step 2: Quote will be sent via email.

Step 3: Once you agree to proceed, a link to the contract & invoice will be sent for you to reserve services.

Step 4: To ensure there is time to take care of each client in the order of their event date, we can begin finalizing the Menu Options & Final details no sooner than 4 weeks prior to the service date.

Step 5: Sit Back, Relax, & Toast to hiring a bar service that will take great care of you and your guests!

Please Note:

**Due to a higher demand, service rates may vary during: Federal Holidays, Halloween, NYE, and Christmas Eve**


|Open Bar|

Alcohol Not Included

  • Host Supplies the Alcohol etc. & drinks are free for everyone.
  • Add additional service or rental items as needed to package.
  • Pricing charged at an hourly rate for staff & a set rate for service items & rentals

|Hosted Bar|

Alcohol Included

  • Hassle free for host & drinks are free for everyone.
  • Includes the alcohol, mixers, ice, & disposable drinkware needed for the all-inclusive menu package selected. 
  • Pricing for menu package is charged on a per person basis. Staffing fee will be a separate charge. Rentals & additional Service Items are a separate charge.

|Cash Bar|
|Consumption Bar|

Alcohol Included

Cash Bar

  • Cut cost by having your individual guests pay for all of their drinks.
  • Includes the alcohol, mixers, ice, & disposable drinkware needed for menu package selected.
  • Services will be charged at a set price to cover staffing & operational fees. Rentals & additional Service Items are a separate charge.

Consumption Bar

  • Great for limiting spending and includes a certain number of complimentary drinks for guests, pre-paid by the host.
  • This will include alcohol, mixers, ice, & disposable drinkware needed for menu package selected.
  • Host will pre-pay for a certain amount on an open tab. Once tab limit is fulfilled, the bar will convert to a cash bar where guests will be responsible for paying for additional beverages.
  • Host will be charged based on prepaid amount. Staffing & operational fees will be a separate charge. Rentals & additional Service Items are a separate charge.

About The Owner

Meet Founder Asha Jennings, also known as "Ms. Bartender".
Asha is a vibrant, sociable, and dedicated entrepreneur that will go the extra mile to make sure that clients are completely satisfied with great service and a memorable experience. She is originally from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and have been residing in the DFW area for 15 years. Asha has garnered over a decade of professional bartending experience. She fell in love with the idea of bartending after being asked to provide impromptu service at a grand opening of a downtown boutique. After the invigorating encounter, she decided to perfect her bartending skills and graduated from ABC Bartending School in 2010. Asha used this as a platform to gain a diverse bartending portfolio all throughout college. Her love for the craft did not end there! Shortly after graduating with a Bachelors in Business Management, she legitimized her bar service business and continued to build an incredible reputation. Over time, Asha recruited a team of seasoned staff who share the same passion. Asha and her team, look forward to bringing an unforgettable bar service experience to you!

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CALL/TEXT 682-706-7881

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