Dallas/ Ft. Worth area, but willing to travel

Invoice is sent through Paypal Invoicing; there is a 3.5% tax fee associated with using this invoice system. Other acceptable payment forms: Zelle, Cash App, Venmo. There may also be a travel fee depending on the location of the event.

Aside from our pricing being very reasonable, we specialize in working closely with each individual client one on one to ensure that their bar service needs are met. Sometimes it’s hard trying to figure out what to get and how much to have for the occasion; Our service automatically comes with Drink Menu Customization paired with an Itemized Shopping List to assist. To top it off, complimentary Bar Items are provided to make the experience even more memorable.

We provide all of your bar service needs, except the sale of liquor. We do offer to shop for the liquor needed for an event/party that is open bar. Due to the lack of demand, we also DO NOT provide Glassware, however, we can provide disposables that mimic Glassware. Please see our Inquiry Form checklist to see the listed Items that can be provided. Service automatically comes with the following COMPLIMENTARY Items (Customized Drink Menu and Shopping List Assistance, Setup/Cleanup, Beverage Napkins/Straws, 2 coolers, and Garnishments).

Hey Ms. Bartender can provide multiple licensed and experienced bartenders

Hey Ms. Bartender is Licensed and has Liability Insurance Coverage

Since we offer a bartending service rather than sell goods, we currently do not have a stationary business location. Although we are Licensed and Insured, we do not hold a permit to provide alcohol to sell it. According to TABC Laws, you must have a physical location to store the liquor in order to sell for profits. The Venue or a Caterer would be the ones who would be likely to hold the correct permits to do so.

There is a requirement of a partial deposit and a signed contract to book the date for standard services.